Emergency Maintenance

We help our residents when they are in need.

Please contact us when you have any of the below inconveniences that will keep you from enjoying Symphony Center Apartments.

Call 410.783.7200 or Click Here

  • Fire
  • No electricity
  • No hot water
  • No plumbing or water throughout the entire apartment home
  • Water flooding into the apartment
  • From October 15 – April 15: Room temperature of at least 65º F. unless the outside temperature is below 0º F, then minimum room temperature shall be 60º F at all times. Temperature is measured 3 feet above the floor and 3 feet from exterior walls.
  • Smoke alarms
  • Clogged toilet (applies to apartments with one bathroom only)
  • Sewer stoppage
  • Refrigerator not working
  • Situations where access to the apartment may be compromised (i.e. broken windows or broken locks)
  • Lock Outs ($20 fee, paid directly to service personnel at time of entry)

*Due to high voltage, HVAC units will not be repaired during inclement weather or after dark.